INFO about us

We are located on the corner of Dowler Street and Queens Avenue, in the North Park District of Victoria, right behind the Island Farms Dairy on Blanshard Avenue.
We have a small parking lot behind the building, accessible from Queens Avenue.  Street parking is generally available on Sundays.
While street parking is generally not a problem, much of the area is designated as "Residential Parking Only", and since we do love our neighbours, please do not park in any area that is designated for them to park.
We do not have a wheelchair accessible ramp at this time but if you need assistance getting up the stairs, we would be happy to help


Church address

804 Queens Avenue
Victoria, BC
(Corner of Dowler and Queens)


Keystone Victoria Christian Ministries
PO Box 2502
Sidney, BC  V8L 3Z4


If you need to speak with someone, please call our office.  We do not have someone in the office and your call will go to voicemail, but we check it regularly and will return your call as soon as we are able.
(250) 595-4499


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