Disciples Taught of the Lord by Sarah Primus

As parents we must always remind ourselves that our children are the Lord’s; and we are their stewards. They have been given to us to train as disciples, taught of the Lord, so that His glory may be known in the earth.
This awareness brings us into the fear of God in the decisions we make regarding our children. We must ask ourselves, “What are we are building into their lives?” 1 Cor. 3:10b tells us that we are to be careful how we build upon the foundation of Christ. Verse 12 tells us that we are either building with gold, silver, precious stones; OR; wood, hay, and straw. Through obedience to the Word and continual instruction, we build eternal truths into our children that cause them to fear the Lord and desire to please Jesus in their own lives. This is the gold, silver and precious stones. Helping them discover their God-given graces and finding ways to develop and use these graces is what “faithful stewardship” over our children looks like.
My oldest son went through quite an adjustment period in kindergarten. We had to continually remind him that his obedience was of primary importance. We never “finish” instilling obedience into our children while they are in our care. If we train our children to obey us whether we are present or absent, they will know to obey God. This sets them up for a life of success and reward! And they will know how to hear His Voice and will follow His leading.
He came home one afternoon with a craft that he was very proud of. He had done a wonderful job, BUT he had been disruptive in class and disobedient to his teacher. It broke my heart that we had to first deal with his disobedience, rather than simply marvel with him at his job well done. The Lord spoke to me through this instance. He showed me this is what it will be like when we present our works before Him on judgement day. Any thing that we build ourselves, outside of our obedience to Him, will be as the “wood, hay or straw” spoken of in 1 Corinthians 3. This served as a reminder for my own life as well as in my child training that it is so important to build things that are eternal. Jesus desires above all that we take delight in Him. It’s OK to have fun and do things merely for the enjoyment of our kids, it’s much more important to teach them that in His presence is fullness of Joy, delight, and all that our hearts long for.

As our children come to know Jesus for themselves they are able to access the fullness of God through the Holy Spirit, just as we are. They are capable of understanding far more than we give them credit for or even realize. I’m amazed at how much I learn for myself of God’s goodness simply by taking the time to come alongside my children and teach them how to have this relationship with God for themselves. Let’s make sure we’re taking the time to daily introduce them to Jesus and watch them grow into the spiritual houses the Master Builder would be pleased with.