And all you children shall be disciples [taught by the Lord and obedient to His will], and great shall be the peace and undisturbed composure of your children. ISAIAH 54.13 The Amplified Bible.


The Book of Ecclesiastes tells us to everything there is a time and a season.  This truth is probably best seen in the raising of our children.  In the course of life, this window of opportunity is small and time is short.  If we think in terms of absolute influence for a parent, we must think in terms of infant to school years.  

We all discover, as we raise our children, the many voices that come into their lives.  Our God given responsibility as parents is to set the righteous foundation in our children so they are able to discern the right from the wrong and then be engaged enough in their life and choices that we are able to steer them while we have the opportunity.  

As the school year is set before many today, we are mindful of the challenges for Christian parents.  The commitment to Christ for families is challenged as never before.  Politically, rights to parent are being re-shaped.  Family is being re-defined and now, we face the demands to embrace various sexual orientations. 

Our culture is demanding a change to mindsets and uses every sphere of communication available to influence. Our voices become vital to the establishing of righteousness in the spheres we are given. 

For now, the home is still sacred.  Parents still have the right to teach and train a child in the way they believe He should go.  Your voice matters.  Your influence is a must.  You must never be weary in doing right for the well being of your children. 

May grace and peace be multiplied to you today as you are Back to School.