Slow to Speak by Jeanne McGrew

 Never let ugly or hateful words come from your mouth, but instead let your words become beautiful gifts that encourage others; do this by speaking words of grace to help them.  

Ephesians 4:29.TPT

Recently I was listening to a podcast where the author made this statement, “Every word you use is a word you choose”.  The bible reminds us to let our words always be seasoned with grace.  It tells us we are to be slow to speak and when we do it is always to be the truth spoken with a motivation of love and care for the others well-being.  

If we really believed death and life were in the power of the tongue, like the Bible says, I think we would all be very careful of the words we did choose to speak.  

Harsh words, hateful words, cruel words, all hurt.  Don’t we find that most of our conflicts begin through words spoken? How many of our insecurities and fears have been established in us by the words spoken to us growing up?  We are either encouraged along our path of life or discouraged, all through words spoken.  

I realize this is rather simplistic and those hearing must take responsibility for hearing well but speaking is my point this month; being responsibile for how and what is spoken.

We have a principle found in the Bible from a story Jesus tells about a man who went out to sow seeds.  Jesus explains that the seeds were words and he sows words that give us life. This is to be the principle that governs our homes, speaking words that are wholesome.  Words that restore and heal.  Words that strengthen and give hope.  Words filled with life.

Somehow we all intuitively believe that the home environment is the one the one place that should hold the greatest amount of love and acceptance for everyone in it.  Each individual is not only prized for their uniqueness but celebrated.  The bible tells us we have been handcrafted by God and each one of us has been fearfully and wonderfully made.  

God, the Father, is the one that every family and all Fatherhood gets its name from.  He is the first and the best of Fathers.  He is good.  He is love and it is that love and value He places on His creation which HE desires to be carried out in every home towards every individual. 

Every word you use is a word you chose. 

Let’s put a watch over our mouths. Let’s take a breath and be slow to speak until we have framed the right word with the right heart that will help the one hearing.