March 2019 by Jenni McGrew

The following is a repost from Jenni where she wrote about their two children, Sidney and Josiah. I trust you can glean from her wisdom and commitment needed to make this a priority in your own home. David and I are pretty proud of the choices they have made ~ Jeanne McGrew

We determined several years ago that we would be committed to these 2 above everyone.  God first. Each other second.  Them third. 

Being a pastor and ministry life...well let’s be honest, LIFE in general has a way of cutting in and before we know it we aren’t sitting at the table eating together anymore.  We aren’t sharing life as much as we used to, we get busy.  When we get busy we quit connecting and when we quit connecting we quit bonding (it’s hard to have unity without community). The family table is an anointed place, it’s a place of connection, a place of praying, a place of sharing and a place of anointing. Psalm 133 

4 years ago the Lord spoke clearly to me about FAMILY NIGHT was to be MONDAY NIGHTS and nothing was gonna get in the way of it.  There are the odd one-offs but I knew this was something we had to do or it was gonna be a slow drift...slow drifts can create slow rifts. 

I was humbled this past summer when Josiah was working at the water slides and Sidney was planning her fall classes at UFV because each on their own accord orchestrated their schedules to reflect FAMILY NIGHT off.  It was in that moment my mind quickly went back to years prior when the Lord spoke to me about it and in my heart I was so struck.  Struck in awe at how this had become important to them and was something Jake and I not only valued but they saw the value too. 

We are far from perfect 😂 #ohmy - NOBODY IS! Beaver Cleaver families don’t exist everyone! But the slow drift years ago is what brought us together even stronger than if I post about Jake or the kids a lot, it’s because I’m so thankful for them and what God has done! 

Fight for your family.  It doesn’t matter what it looks like... Nehemiah 4:13-14, 20 “God will fight for us...” when we fight for our families God will fight for us 💙 

So here’s to Squid and Toad! Guys we love you! And I know that I know God has called you both for His plans and purposes for such a time as this! 

Jake and Jenn Pastor Hope City Church in Abbotsford, BC.

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