We've had a great bunch of series, and are looking forward to what's upcoming in the New Year!  In the meantime, enjoy time with your family and friends.  The next series will start JAN-10 / 2018.  Til then, Merry Christmas - - and Happy New Year!


We've been loving the Music from Housefires in Atlanta GA... as you can see below!
Praise has a SOUND and a FLAVOUR.. and it is JOYFUL!  You can't praise "unjoyfully", but if you are fighting off sorrow or depression, praise has the power to LIFT you up out of that place.  Don't let the enemy, your circumstances, busyness, or a poor self-image rob you of this powerful weapon that brings LIFE and HOPE!  Join us every Sunday at 10:30am as we PRAISE our GOD who is ABOVE all our issues and brings us UP to where He is when we praise!



In architecture, a keystone is a wedge-shaped piece of stone at the topof a doorway or arch.  It is the final piece placed during construction of the entry way and locks all of the other stones into position, allowing the arch to bear weight.  The keystone is perfectly situated so that none of the stones can move or fall - the pressure keeps them all in place.

Ephesians 4:15-16 by Truth spoken in love, we are to grow in every way into Him - the Anointed One, the head.  
He joins and holds together the whole body with its ligaments providing the support needed so each part works to its proper design to form a healthy, growing and mature body that builds itself up in love.

Jesus is the door- the way to God; and we are the "living stones" that are held up by our relationship to Jesus.

know jesus / be his body / show his love

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