“For with the heart man believes” Romans 10:10

Proverbs 4 reminds us to guard our hearts for from it flow the issues of life. It is from the abundance of our heart our mouths speak.  It is the things that we carry within us, according to Mark 7:15, that defile us.  It is the heart that God looks upon and judges from.  

I’m struck today by this verse simply because of something I read in Mrs. C. Nuzum’s book, the Life of Faith, c. 1928 where she wrote, “There is a head faith and a heart faith.  Head faith brings us nothing. Heart Faith brings us everything Jesus secured for us.”

Head faith would be the knowledge of God but never seeing the power working on your behalf.  jesus said faith the size of a mustard see would move mountains.  We’ve tried to turn faith into a formula and it can’t be done.

Faith is the absolute conviction and confidence that God is.  Faith moves us into God.  Faith holds us in Him.  Faith keeps us one with Him.  When my heart is fixed trusting in the Lord, my mouth is right, my actions are right, I am right.
For with the heart man believes unto righteousness and confession is made unto salvation,  A daily reality for perfect rest, spirit, soul and body.

With the head we see, we understand, we reason all from a natural perspective. The head doubts, questions, and is moved by what it sees and hears.  All of these will keep us from inheriting the promises of God.  With the heart, man believes what he can not see. By faith he understands and does not doubtingly question the promises of God.

Faith simply accesses grace and stands in it, resting and rejoicing as God works. Head faith grows weak and fails when the promise tarries.  Heart faith is assured in due season the promise comes because He watches over His word to perform.  

The Lord told Moses to stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.
Jesus told his disciples the work they were to do was believe.

Head faith struggles to understand how and when. Head faith has expectations.
Heart faith is content to watch God work in His way and wait on Him, knowing he does not fail us or forsake us and He is working all things together for our good.

For with the heart man believes and inherits the promises of God.