Spring Break


Let the children come to me and forbid them not. Matthew 19:14

Spring break ~ lessons in faith and patience, hope and love.  


Spring break challenged my perceptions of spiritual productivity this past week.  I have modes of grandma that are required in certain seasons and while I absolutely love them, I find them a challenge to my precious times with the Father.  I am spoiled.  My mornings are His.  My time with Him is not something I like to share or have infringed upon.  David and I are in agreement about what our mornings look like.  Coffee, tea, and separate space.  I’m out of the loop when it comes to this 24/7 parenting thing.  


This spring break burst upon us with all the energy and open heartedness of children who are filled with expectations of what you as grandma and grandpa are there for. You, like God, are to be an unlimited resource, with unlimited love, abounding in unconditional understanding, with great grace provided in all circumstances and at all times.  Ha!  Sounds like our Heavenly Father doesn’t it.  


The wonderful thing about being a grandparent is all the wisdom you have gleaned through our parenting years which makes us ‘grand’ at this stage of life.  I’m not sure how much of this is appreciated by our own children ~ but our grandchildren thrive on it.  


Somehow, where we failed to exercise all the right things at the right moment when we parented, we endeavor now to practice on our grandchildren and teach our adult children a better way.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing.


The places where you once were quick to rebuke and correct have been tempered with compassion, mercy and understanding.  Validation, approval and affirmation flow with more ease as you have learned to weigh the impact of words spoken in haste.  


Discipline still comes, yet it comes with the fruit that Hebrews promises when it is righteously handled. It yields peaceful fruit all enjoy.  Guilt and shame, covered by the blood, through sin owned and repented of, always brings peace to the child and home. 


Observing gives me, once again, a great appreciation for the gift children are and the stewardship required.  How thankful I am for godly seeds that endeavor to practice Godly parenting.  With much appreciation, I watch them engage in this dance we call parenting, stumbling around, missing steps, and yet building family through this work of faith and patience with much love.  


Spring break has come to an end and I’m left with a reminder of what it takes to parent 24/7. It’s called great grace and something I was privileged to be a partaker of with my family this past week.  I am better off for it.