"He sent out his word and healed them and delivered them from their destruction”.    Psalm 107:20

Many (most?) times in our lives we are looking for a natural deliverance.  A natural change to our circumstances.  We look for the external to align to His promises and when we don’t see them we can be moved by the negative conflicts in our lives.  We lose sight of John 16:33 where Jesus promised trouble in this life with the assurance that we could still hold joy because He had overcome the world and this is the victory that we have! 


Into every situation of life, He sent his word. The word made flesh - Jesus and now the Rhema word of God is daily sent to bring us healing and delivering from all destruction.  


The deal with a Rhema word, is that we must position ourselves to receive.  Proverbs 4 reminds us to attend to His word.  To incline our ears to His sayings. They are not to depart from our sight.  We are to keep them in the midst of our heart for they are life to those who FIND them and healing to all our flesh.  We are told to search for His word as one does for treasureLet it not depart from our eyes but meditate on it


The first place God works to help us is to reveal His word to us.  There is a word that meets our need. His word is His wisdom.  This is the principal thing.  From John 16:12-15 we learn it is the the Holy Spirit who directs us to and through His word.  Jesus said when the Holy Spirit comes He takes what he has heard from Jesus and reveals this to us. This is the Rhema, the revealed word to us for our situation.  The word He sends to us for that moment, that circumstance.  In that word is our wisdom.  In that word there is all the life needed to bring me up, out and through whatever pit, snare, fear, destruction, that may be working to separate us from trusting God. 


Remember with me, the purpose of all temptation is to remove us from our fellowship with God. 

The letter written to the Hebrews in the midst of suffering, chapter 10, verses 32-19, serves to remind us that the treasure they had in their relationship with the Father was the prize.  Exhorted to “not throw away their confidence which has a great reward,” but to hold steady and continue doing the will of God in order to receive what was promised.  To affirm they were not those who would shrink back and be destroyed but those who because of their trust in God preserve their souls.


What need do we face today?  God has the word that will bring healing to our circumstances and deliverance from all destruction.  May we find the place to attend to His word and incline our hearts to hear so that salvation may come to our lives.  It is the will of God.