The Order of God

“Come up here and I will show you what must take place after this.” 

Revelation 4:1 


I want to highlight two thoughts here ~ 

1.  What MUST take place (note ~  must) 

2. AFTER this ( note ~  after) 

If you’re like me, then there are things the Lord speaks that we somehow dismiss to the realm of “not really important” or perhaps, mañana.  I’m not sure how we get that thought, but I think the root of being quick to obey is to realize when God speaks it should be considered (unless otherwise instructed) a now word.   

We know intuitively that obeying every instruction of God is vital to possessing the abundant life He desires for us.

There are things that God has ordained sequentially, an order for the time and events He desires. With all these appointed times, the thought I had is “what must take place” before the “after this” can occur in our individual lives.  Most of the time we think we are waiting on God to move but I think wise men and women evaluate the areas of life that seem stuck and ask what is it that their “after this” hinges upon. 

Could it be God is simply waiting on us to be obedient and do what we have been told to do?  Some days I have to remind myself, if God said it, there is a way to achieve it.  It sets me to seek for wisdom, which can only come from Him….”come up here and I will show you”.  If any man lacks wisdom, let Him ask of God who gives to generously to all without reproach and IT WILL be given Him.  

Every day arrives with purposes already ordained and established by God. I think we are all living with the urgency to achieve them in these last days.  For His Will to be manifested on this earth as it is in heaven, is hinged on our personal obedience to delight to do His will. 

“What must take place after this” implies a sequence of events, and it begins with the command to “come up here”.