The Word and the Spirit

The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you--they are full of the Spirit and lifeJohn 6:63 NIV

The vital necessity for the Word and the Holy Spirit have been foundational for me now for the 43 years of my Christian growth.  I remember hearing, uncountable times, that without the Spirit you dry up and without the Word you blow up. 

These two Persons of the Godhead work hand in hand, continually revealing everything we need to grow and conform into the image of our Father.  We can only know our Heavenly Father from what the word reveals and the Holy Spirit illuminates. This shapes the foundation for my expectation and reception of all God’s workings in and through me.  Romans 10 asks the question, “How shall we believe in him of whom we have not heard?”  Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. This is the cooperative working of the Godhead.  We find our knowledge of our Heavenly Father through Jesus, as the Word, and the revealing work of the Holy Spirit.  We attend to the word and the Holy Spirit speaks to us from this Word.  

Jesus was the very first comforter the disciples had.  They learned the Father and they learned the Son.  They learned the very heart of God as they walked with Jesus.  Jesus sent us “another” comforter for each of us today who are a part of His body.  We understand this word ‘comforter’ to mean Helper.  

Everything and anything we need in the this life, as a believer, we are to first turn to the Help of the Holy Spirit. Whatever lack we may face, the Holy Spirit is a very present Help in time of need. He helps us in our infirmities or weaknesses. If you are like me, I don’t appreciate weakness in my life.  I want to be strong and sufficient, yet it is in the weakness that we find the grace and sufficiency of God to help us in our time of need.  We hope in God who is our very present Help in time of need.  No matter what the circumstance, He has made a way of escape that we may bear it.  God is faithful.  Hope NEVER disappoints when our eyes are on the Father.  Our Help comes from the Lord. 

Let’s talk about what His help looks like. 

  • First of all, since He is the Spirit of truth who leads and guides us into all truth, He works with the word to divide asunder soul and spirit. He works within our hearts and minds to reveal the truth of our circumstances.  He goes straight to the reality of our issue and deals with the heart and reveals truth in our inner man; John 15:26; John 16:13.  Jesus said you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.  My greatest need in most circumstances is for wisdom.  “Holy Spirit show me how to walk through this.”  He makes the way of escape so we are able to bear it by showing me how and what to do.   

  • Second, He will bring to our remembrance all things Jesus has said ~ John 14:26.  This Word that the Holy Spirit reveals comes as we feed upon the Word of God.  As we search the scriptures and meditate of them, it is the Holy Spirit who breathes on this Word and makes it a reality to our hearts.  

  • Third, Our sole responsibility is to believe this Word.  To believe we are hearing what the Spirit is saying to us through this Word. Jesus said my words are spirit and they are life. 

  • Finally, once we hear, see and believe, we must obey to have the fruit He wants to work in us.   This is how we are to be fundamentally led by the Spirit and what His Help looks like.  

His work in our lives is primary and the Word is our vital necessity.  It’s not the dead letter of the law but it is the life giving, Spirit breathed, revelation we receive as we attend to the Word through prayer.  

We have not because we ask not.  Ask that you might receive that your joy may be full.  The Holy Spirit waits to be invited into our lives.  He waits to reveal and glorify Jesus.  As we hunger and thirst, He fills our lives, and is the very present Helper for us.