The Wait.

For God alone my soul waits in silence…. Psalm 62.1


We know these times.  ‘The wait’ is the space where “our times are in His hands” and there is nothing we can do but wait on God to move.   


We are aware that it is an “ONLY GOD” moment for us.  We wait to see, wait and hope, wait and resist fear, wait and rejoice but in it all we are waiting.  King David declared throughout the Psalms no matter what was taking place and how he felt about it, his focus was on God. 


It is you, O Lord my God who will answer and on you I wait.   Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him ~


Notice Psalm 62, David holds his peace; “My soul waits in silence”.  Mute before our enemies is a righteous thing when our mouth wants to declare God is somehow unfaithful or uncaring.  


We are told setting goals helps us to stay focused and gets them accomplished. We just can’t do that without establishing time tables we want to operate within.  There are many plans in the mind of a man but the Lord directs His steps.  Our timetables are not His issue, they’re ours.  I don’t know that we ever consider time frames as boundaries or limitations and yet they do define our expectations of what and how we expect God to work on our behalf.  


God has already written every day of our life in His journal.  If we stop and think about reality of Psalm 139:16 and that He knows the future and hope He has planned for you, it gives us pause to ask the question when I’m setting goals, whose plan is this? And if it is the Fathers plan, it will be fulfilled in His timing.  In the fulness of time it shall come to pass and in the wait I am secure and at rest.  


I’m fascinated by Jesus at the wedding, knowing it was not yet His time.  Another time, his brothers wanting him to show himself knowing it was not His time,  Then when he knew it was time to leave the disciples and yield His life. He could not be pressed by man’s agenda or their time table.  Consider Lazarus, the rebuke he received, “If you had been here our brother would not have died.”  Jesus didn’t have a Day-timer or an App to accomplish his purposes.   


Natural goals are common to man but what happens in our heart and soul when they are not achieved?


Can we wait content, at peace, in rest, knowing, trusting, committing all things into His hands and simply hold our fuss and yield our praise?  He would prefer it.