“…..and by believing you may have life in his name.” ~ John 20:31

Today, Resurrection Sunday, we celebrate the reality that Jesus died, was buried, and has risen from the dead by the power of the Holy Spirit. It was impossible for sin to hold him in the place of death. 


Over the last few days this has taken on new meaning for me as we’ve tried to explain to our five year old grandson the process of death as leaving our body, yet remaining alive.   Explaining that our resurrected bodies will still have form and function and that we truly never die to a child requires great simplicity.  As we’ve explained this to him, the truth of hearing yet not understanding took on new perspective for us all. 


How much the disciples had to process when they were faced with Jesus re-appearing to them.  They had heard the words of Jesus “suffering” “die” “risen” but yet not really understanding.  At first they find the tomb empty beginning yet another state of confusion.  Returning to the house, we findMary’s testimony but Luke’s gospel tells us “these words seemed an idle tale and they did not believe them”. Luke records the event of the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, meeting Jesus, then that same day returning to Jerusalem to tell the others. They are collected together that evening, still hiding for fear of the Jews, reflecting of these events and suddenly Jesus is present.  His question to the those present was, “Why are your troubled and why do doubts arise in our hearts?”   Eight days later he appears again to them and now Thomas is present.  His words to Thomas, “Do not disbelieve but believe.  Blessed are those who have not see and yet have believed.”  


From Acts 1:3 we learn;“ To them he presented himself alive after his suffering by many proofs, appearing to them during forty days and speaking about the Kingdom of God. “


My thought this resurrection day is that this same Jesus, the word made flesh, is as true today as He was on that morning.  His word is filled with truth and power if we will simply believe what He has said. Hearing can never be met with unbelief simply because we do not understand. We must choose to simply receive and proclaim, Be it unto me according to your word.  I believe, help my unbelief!  These are the responses that are met with the power of God.  


I heard a prophetic word to the church the other day which basically said, I have many things to say but you are not able to hear.  They are too big for us to believe. But in the days, weeks and months ahead I am increasing your faith so we can hear, see and believe the great things He will decree for us to achieve. 


It has always been by believing that we receive the life promised to us by the Father through Jesus Christ.  All things are possible to Him that believes.  It is impossible for God to lie and He who comes to God must believe…


May we find the strengthening power of His Spirit and Word enabling us to enter into new realms of trust and confidence in Him.   After all, it is Resurrection day and is intended to be a day when resurrection life continues to be seen.